Halogenated compounds

The presence of halogenated compounds may require a suitable abatement technique to meet the local emission limits.

For the abatement of organic halogen compounds such as chloromethane and bromomethane, a solvent scrubber can be very effective. The biofilter and biotrickling filter technique have also been successfully applied by Trevi for the abatement of voluminous air flows loaded with chloromethane, for example. For small gas flows, a dry scrubber can also be applied.

For the abatement of inorganic halogen compounds such as Cl2, Br2 and F2, a caustic scrubber and/or reductive scrubber can be used. For small gas flows, we apply a dry scrubber with a suitable inorganic sorbent such as Chemisorb S and/or Chemisorb P.

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