Environmental management

Environmental permit files

We can offer the following services:

  • Involvement at the inception/design of your dossier

  • Dossier editing

  • Comprehensive screening of the effects on the environment (in accordance with Flemish EIA legislation where required)

  • Liaison between the construction and environmental fields

  • Liaising constructively and positively with your various stakeholders (e.g. authorities/neighbours)

  • Representation at permit committees

  • Aftercare once permits have been granted

External Environmental Coordination A & B

  • Integral partnership-based approach to your dossier

  • 4 quarterly visits per year with linked reporting

  • Annual report on operations for management/CPBW

  • Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation

  • Analysis + follow-up of periodic environmental obligations

  • Audit of special conditions from your licence dossier

  • Analysis + verification of permit statuses

  • Dedicated internal environmental coordinator with expertise from large client portfolio 

Levy files

  • Organisation of measurement campaigns

  • Evaluation of test results

  • Levy charge optimisation

  • Declaration preparation

Integrated annual environmental report

  • Compilation of summary table of information to be retained

  • Compilation of actual declaration

Packaging declaration

  • Creation of summary table of information to be retained

  • Optimisation of contributions

  • Declaration preparation

Legislation register

  • Creation of an overview of relevant legislation for your case

  • Quarterly update of the relevant legislation

  • Compliance audit

Expert consulting, based on a solid and varied industry track record

  • Drawing up a waste processing work plan (Vlarem II)

  • Environmental audit within the scope of Vlarem III

  • Organisation of storage and transport of hazardous substances (ADR/RID/IMDG)

  • Quotation phase of soil surveys

  • Managing inspection and enforcement

  • ...