1. Energy audit

  • Rational energy use (REG) audits

    • Drawing up of conjugated balances of energy and mass

    • optimising energy efficiency and effectiveness

    • invoice analysis

    • best available techniques (BAT)

  • Power use measurement and recording

  • Energy plan

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies

    • process optimisation

    • implementation of new progressive techniques

    • energy dependence reduction

    • recuperation and valorisation of residual heat and waste heat

2. PV solar panels feasibility reports

Trevi can provide EPC services for your PV project. We will initially conduct a feasibility study. We are equally at home with small SMEs and large industrial projects. We will conduct a site visit, inspect the condition of the roof and the electrical connections, and request data. We then prepare a detailed quotation in consultation with the customer, determine preconditions such as roof loads and injection capacity and provide a complete and accurate profitability calculation.

3. Detailed PV solar panel reports

When the profitability of a PV project has been determined, we start with the requisite prior reports:

  • Ballast research

  • Shadow research

  • Power grid research

  • Water research (for floating construction cases)

4. Wind turbines feasibility studies

We look at which technology works best where. For wind turbines, we initially perform a quick scan analysis. This involves critically assessing the possible preconditions that may apply when developing a wind energy project within a proposed project zone. Consequently, quick scan analyses can determine the best possible arrangement for wind turbines. Key considerations include:

  • Distance from residential areas and homes

  • Status according to the regional wind plan

  • Roads and railways

  • High voltage and gas

  • Aviation

  • Monuments and landscapes

  • Nature, birds and bats

5. Wind turbine permit application studies

If the process turns out to be favourable, we will assist with permit applications. We liaise with the various partners involved in a permit application. All necessary studies are carried out:

  • Safety research

  • Sound research

  • Shadow flicker research

  • Water research

  • Transport research

  • Bird studies