Legionella management

Trevi provides a comprehensive package of services related to Legionella control

Legionella risk analysis, prevention and control

When dealing with Legionella, we can conduct the following:

  • inventory of water distribution systems

  • sampling for Legionella analysis and results analysis

  • screening of the plant for potential sources of contamination

  • detailed analysis of potentially hazardous processes (cooling towers, humidification, misting installations, etc.)

  • risk assessment and risk control

  • protection and prevention consultancy

  • consultancy on suitable and alternative disinfection methods

  • execution of disinfection

Possible control techniques

These techniques can be applied to ensure effective Legionella control, either as part of a continuous system or by an intermittent shock dosage:

  • thermal disinfection with hot water

  • chlorination using sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide or chloramine

  • peroxide dosage

  • ozonization

  • UV sterilization

  • electrolysis

  • ionization with copper and silver ions

  • ultrafiltration

Our track record

The past 5 years more than 600 dossiers were drawn up for including sportscomplexes, hospitals, residential and care centres, hotels and enterprises. The reference list with al the legionalla studies can be received on demand.

Over the past 5 years, we have completed over 600 projects for sites such as sports centres, hospitals, residential and care centres, hotels and businesses. Our legionella case study list is available upon request.