Hydrocarbons (alkanes, alkenes, …)

The presence of hydrocarbons in waste gases may require a suitable abatement technique to meet the local emission limits.

For small gas flows, hydrocarbons can be removed with an activated carbon-based dry scrubber.

For both small and voluminous airflows loaded with methane, pentane, decane, ethene, … a biofilter can also be applied successfully, provided that the bioreactor has a very high gas residence time and the suitable nutrients are dosed corresponding to the pollutant load.

Wet scrubbing techniques for hydrocarbons are difficult due to the very high Henry constant (gas/water equilibrium) of these compounds unless partial ozone-based oxidation of, say, alkenes can be applied as a first step before the scrubber technique. Trevi has limited experience with the application of a solvent scrubber for the removal of aliphatic hydrocarbons. Our Trevi R&D division currently is focusing on this topic for further development.

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