PV solar panels

1. Feasibility study PV solar panels

Trevi can act as an EPC contractor for your PV project. In the first instance, we examine the feasibility. Both for small SMEs and for large industrial projects. We carry out a site visit, check the condition of the roof, the electrical connection and request data. We prepare a detailed quotation in consultation with the customer, examine the preconditions such as roof loads and injection capacity and provide a complete and accurate profitability calculation. When the project appears profitable, we start with the necessary studies that are required in advance:

  • Ballast study

  • Shadow study

  • Power grid study

  • Water study (in case of floating installation)

2. Project execution

After the feasibility studies give a positive advice, we start with a detailed design of the installation.

  • We optimize the placement of the inverters and cable routes for the shortest possible route.

  • A cable calculation is performed to calculate the cable sections for minimum losses.

  • The network disconnection box is designed and built in-house according to the regulations of the network operator.

  • Once the engineering has been completed, we install your installation in a professional manner by specialized teams of roofers and electricians.

  • Attention is always paid to safety.

  • Flat roofs are fully equipped with edge protection so that the teams can work in a safe environment.

  • After the installation, it is inspected, after which it is put into service together with the customer and a word of explanation is provided.

3. Exploitation

We foresee an extensive monitoring system on each of the installed plants, which allows for remote monitoring of the yields and condition of the installation. Depending on the choice of the customer, Trevi can take on this task.

We can monitor performance closely by, among other things, putting it in relation to other installations under our management. In this way we can intervene in time if irregularities are found. In addition, we conduct an annual on-site follow-up visit.

Here the installation is fully examined mechanically and electrically. String voltages and currents are measured, a visual inspection of the cabling, inverters and panels is carried out, so that any damage can be repaired in consultation.

After the visit, a report is drawn up and delivered to the customer. It contains all measurement results and any comments, supported by photos if relevant.

4. Electricity sales

When you generate electricity and do not immediately consume it, you inject this surplus on the grid. This electricity can be bought by an energy supplier. Trevi has the perfect partner with Trevion to realize this. We offer interesting formulas in which both the customer and Trevion have an advantage.

Trevi also provides for its own power needs through green power production on the roof of its office buildings. The different types of placed panels allow to monitor and compare the practically obtained yields.