Trevi Group

BETE Gas Scrubbers

Bete® is the registered trademark for our waste gas scrubbers, for the treatment of harmful, corrosive or contaminating components in waste gases. It principally involves the removal of the strongly toxic and inflammable ethylene oxide, the treatment of residual gases from gas cylinders and the washing out of hydrogen sulphide from biogas. Our work in this field has gained us international renown.


In 2006, we decided to invest in green energy and hence the engineering company BiogasTec was founded. BiogasTec is active in renewable energy via biogas technology.


IPEC works in odour control, using techniques such as activated carbon, chemical scrubbing and biological air treatment including biotrickling and bioscrubbing. With a track record of over 1000 completed projects across various sectors (e.g. water treatment, waste processing, etc.) IPEC is active worldwide, with a strong presence in the Middle East.

As part of the Trevi Group, IPEC draws on a dynamic in-house engineering team (electro-mechanics, instrumentation and programming) to realize your project from design through to testing and commissioning.


Trevi subsidiary Trevion provides ‘local green energy’ at affordable prices. Its energy is produced in environmentally-friendly fermentation plants which run on biological waste, manure and corn. On a yearly basis, Trevi is involved in generating approx. 95 000 MWh through green power plants: enough to power 32 000 households!