About Trevi

Given that today’s drop of water, gas molecule or grain of sand could be in tomorrow’s soil, classifying the kind of solutions you need for environmental problems can often be more complex than simply regarding them as discrete soil, air or water issues. At Trevi we take a holistic approach to everyone’s issues, looking at the bigger picture for more effective and sustainable solutions.

Our competence is built on a solid track record of experience in the field. We approach every project as an opportunity to continuously expand our know-how, giving us an ever-greater body of knowledge and wisdom to apply to the next project. Consequently, what we bring is a wealth of experience in environmental consultancy and technology across a wide range of environmental fields. To find out more about our work, have a look at the case studies on our website.

— Stefaan Deboosere

At Trevi, we hold quality and the environment in high regard. This is reflected in our strong core values.

1. A win-win relationship with our clients

Our aim is to establish long term partnerships with our clients. We take a global and sustainable approach.

2. High-quality, cost-conscious client solutions

We work to exacting standards, which we believe is a cornerstone of long term cooperation.

3. Continuous improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement within our own organisation and with our clients. To this end, we regularly conduct internal audits, evaluations and customer satisfaction surveys and, crucially, we act on them!

4. Environmental protection

As an environmental technology enterprise, we intend to lead by example, limiting our own organisation’s environmental impact, as well that of our clients.

5. Supplier partnerships

We are known by the company we keep. High quality materials and suppliers mean high quality projects.

6. Compliance

We take care to comply with all applicable legislation and regulations.

7. Respect and recognition

We strive to create a pleasant and respectful working environment for our employees.



Trevi Environmental Solutions is a Belgian company, founded in 1992 by the current directors Stefaan Deboosere and Jacky Mortelmans. They have amassed a world-class team of employees with a variety of specialties, including environmental consultants, process experts, programmers and installers. The company’s wide range of expertise makes them a one-stop-shop for all environmental problems, whether in water, air or energy. Trevi has undergone constant growth since its inception and continues to go from strength to strength.


Trevi has been in business for 30 years.

Awarded 13th Trends Gazelle for the Belgium’s fastest-growing companies.


Hesbaye Energy founds, constructs and runs its biogas power plant in Belgium, with a total power capacity of 2,5MW (equivalent of about 60,000 households). It went operational in 2023.

T&D Environmental Consulting merges with Trevi.

Wins its 12th Trends Gazelles (awarded to Belgium’s fastest-growing companies)


Trevi wins Trends Gazelles for 11th time.


Ardo Energy Belgium founded, a consortium between the Trevi Group and Ardo nv. It is responsible for new energy projects for the Ardo group in Belgium, including some large-scale PV installations.


New office in Grobbendonk opens at the Albertstroom site.


Early 2017: Acquisition of T&D Milieuadvies to strengthen and further expand the environmental administration department.

Founding of Albertstroom. Construction and operation of the largest biogas plant in Belgium. Accounting for a total power of 12 MW (equivalent of about 30 000 families). Operational since late 2019.


Trevi obtains VCA** certification.


The Trevi group acquires SJWS (Smet Jet Water Solutions) in 2014. This expands its operations to include management of individual and small waste water treatment projects.


Specializing in specific activated carbon applications, IPEC joins the Trevi group in 2013.


In 2011 Trevi acquires BETE.

In late 2011, the electricity supplier Trevion nv is founded: Trevion sells green energy produced by its subsidiaries directly to market.


Trevi is twice elected Regional Voka-Ambassador in November 2010 and June 2011.


Trevi obtains VCA* certification.


Trevi has been investing in green power plants (fermenters with CHP) since 2007. The subsidiaries Agrikracht, GSL, Digrom Energy and Leiestroom are all founded in this year. Altogether they represent an energy production capacity of about 12 MW (or the consumption of about 30 000 households).


The decision is made to invest in green energy with the founding of the engineering company BiogasTec nv.


Trevi obtains ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.


Trevi sarl, is founded in Roncq, France.


In 2001 the founders acquire an unoccupied property at the former Arbed site in Gentbrugge and in 2002 the process of transforming the premises into brand new offices and workshops begins. The offices open open in 2004.

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Inclusive enterprises are companies, organizations and local governments that take genuine and practical steps to make the inclusive labour market a reality.

"Trevi is an active player in the social inclusion economy (SINE), finding work experience for hard-to-place unemployed people."

We are putting into action the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of poverty reduction, quality education, decent work and economic growth, diversity and equal opportunity.


About Trevi

For Trevi, knowledge is power. Our strength lies in the quality of our collective expertise and wisdom, which we put at the service of our clients through the delivery of innovative and sustainable solutions that can protect the planet and promote a healthier future for all. With our passionate team and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to deliver the highest level of service and support.

EIA expert in the discipline water

Trevi disposes of a team of environmental experts among which a number certified as EIA expert in the discipline water by the Flemish Minister of Environment. This means you can always appeal Trevi to conduct mandatory studies such as enforced by the government in the special conditions of the environmental permit.

Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Treatment

In 2000 Trevi was the first Flemish company who received a prototype certificate from the Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Treatment. This prototype certificate (VCM/2000/01) indicates i.a. the Trevi manure treatment system complies with VLAREM II, is durable and causes no nuisance to the environment.

ISO 14001 environmental management system

Also in 2005 the ISO 14001 environmental management system was awarded to Trevi since their commitment to restrict the environmental load in consequence of our activities at an absolute minimum. Aiming at durable enterprising and the continuous decrement of the impact from our activities on our environment, an evironmental policy was outlined and several environmental objectives were formulated.

ISO 9001 quality management system

In 2005 Trevi obtained the ISO 9001 quality management system standing for a continuous improvement of services concerning environmental consultancy and technology. This is achieved by i.a. offering edifying quality and bargain priced solutions to our customers. In this way Trevi aims at a maximum customer satisfaction which is periodically tested by means of a customer survey.

VCA safety management system

In 2009 Trevi achieved the VCA safety management system (Safety, health and environment Checklist for Contractors) pursueding a maximum protection of our employees. Trevi executes her activities handling a stringent safety policy by eleminating foreseeable dangers and reducing risks at a general acceptable level.