Quality and environment policy statement

1. A win-win relationship with our clients

Our aim is to establish long term partnerships with our clients. We take a global and sustainable approach.

2. High-quality, cost-conscious client solutions

We work to exacting standards, which we believe is a cornerstone of long term cooperation.

3. Continuous improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement within our own organisation and with our clients. To this end, we regularly conduct internal audits, evaluations and customer satisfaction surveys and, crucially, we act on them!

4. Environmental protection

As an environmental technology enterprise, we intend to lead by example, limiting our own organisation’s environmental impact, as well that of our clients.

5. Supplier partnerships

We are known by the company we keep. High quality materials and suppliers mean high quality projects.

6. Compliance

We take care to comply with all applicable legislation and regulations.

7. Respect and recognition

We strive to create a pleasant and respectful working environment for our employees.