Our vision

Today’s drop of water, gas molecule or grain of sand could be part of tomorrow’s soil. So classifying the solutions you need for your environmental problems can often be more complex than simply regarding them as discrete soil, air or water issues.

That's why Trevi takes a holistic approach to environmental issues. We have an enthusiastic team of experts with a wide range of in-depth knowledge and experience, to meticulously plan out and implement each unique project.

We see the value of diversity. We’ve got laboratory technicians, environmental researchers, designers, draftsmen, welders, mechanics, electricians, programmers and project managers, all working closely together.

Each assignment also contributes to the continuous expansion of our knowledge for future projects. As a result, Trevi is able to offer a complete range of -in-house services, with no need to outsource to third parties, and as such we are able to take complete control of each project. Take a look at some of our past projects here.

General Manager
Stefaan Deboosere