Wind turbines

1. Feasibility study wind turbines

We look at which technology is most interesting for a specific location. For a wind turbine, we initially perform a quick scan.In a quick scan analysis, the possible preconditions that may apply to the development of a wind energy project within the proposed project zone are critically analyzed. As a result, the quick scan analysis yields the resulting search zone for the arrangement of the wind turbines if possible. The main spatial preconditions are:

  • Distance to residential areas and (zone-foreign) homes

  • Status according to the regional wind plan

  • Roads, railways

  • High voltage and gas

  • Aviation

  • Monuments and landscapes

  • Nature, birds and bats

2. Studies in the context of a permit application for wind turbines

If the process turns out to be favorable, we assist with the permit application. We mediate with the various partners involved in a permit application. All necessary studies are carried out:

  • Safety study

  • Sound study

  • Shadow flicker study

  • Water study

  • Transport study

  • Bird study

3. Project management

Once the permit has been obtained, we draw up a business plan and help you choose the type of wind turbine. We supervise the entire project from A to Z:

  • Assistance with financing, insurance and building structures.

  • A selection of subcontractors by placing a competition and conducting negotiations.

  • Preparatory works and supervision of the construction.

  • All this with a strong emphasis on safety, both during construction and during the operational phase:

    • We are developing protocols for ice detection, in which preventive measures are taken

    • We configure the shadow flicker system in line with government standards

  • Application for green power certificates and communication with the grid operator.

  • Conducting a pre-start inspection.

  • Guidance of the start-up and the necessary checks on sound and production.

4. Exploitation

Once the turbine has been built, we are responsible for monitoring and monitoring the turbine.

  • We monitor performance, productions and malfunctions via remote monitoring.

  • We ensure the proper functioning of the wind farm, including safety, the environment and contracts.

  • Complaints in the context of noise and shadow flicker are followed up, everything concerning permits, legal and periodic inspections, green power inspections and reporting to, among others, the energy regulator is taken care of by us.

  • We not only limit ourselves to the operational, but also offer follow-up of invoicing, accounting and contracts with the network operator and suppliers.

  • The necessary reporting of technical-financial information to the parties involved is hereby provided.

5. Electricity sales

Inherent to the construction of the wind turbine is the production of green energy. We offer interesting formulas in which both the customer and Trevion have an advantage.