Trevi has extensive experience in odour abatement. We can assist you in performing an odour fingerprint scan with GCMS analysis, which is usually required to choose the most suitable (combination of) abatement technique(s) for your specific waste gas.

In general, (combinations of) scrubber techniques such as acid scrubber, oxidative scrubber, caustic scrubber and/or biological techniques such as a biofilter tend to be the most suitable odour abatement method for voluminous gas flows.

For small gas flows, dry scrubber techniques can also be applied with the right mix of organic (Chemisorb Sulfi, Chemisorb Ammoni, …) and/or inorganic (Chemisorb S, Chemisorb P, …) sorbents.

For the abatement of discontinuous odorous emissions, a dispersion fan can be applied, provided that the pollutant concentration does not exceed the local emission limits.

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