Manure management

We have a range of different techniques to call upon to help you address your manure management issues.

Manure processing

Trevi’s manure treatment plants can process pig manure at an affordable cost.

  • Biological treatment of the liquid fraction of (pig) manure on the farm

    • based upon nitrification, denitrification and dephosphatation

    • low energy consumption

    • small reactor volumes

    • possibility to combine with the (bio)scrubbing of pig stable air

  • Polishing of biologically treated liquid fraction to obtain effluent suitable for discharge

    • polishing of biological purified liquid fraction by evaporation/condensation

    • running of plants with a capacity of up to 200,000 m3 pig manure/year

  • Condensation dryer

    • environmentally-friendly, low-emission drying of different materials e.g. solid fraction of manure, sludge, etc.

    • solid fraction sanitisation

    • dried end product with adjustable moisture content (up to 90% dry matter)

  • Manure treatment monitoring with regular site visits and control of relevant parameters

  • Nutrient balance analysis and reporting for manure bank declaration purposes

  • In association with its subsidiary BiogasTec, Trevi has developed a patented technology for combined fermentation and manure treatment

Please see some of our manure treatment case studies below. In addition to these build installations, we performed numerous studies, pilot tests and follow-up or exploitation assignments. For the complete list of clients and applications for each sector we are happy to refer you to our case study list. It is prohibited for third parties to use this reference list for commercial purposes.