3. Pilot tests and mobile treatment plants

3. Pilot plants for tests and leasing of temporary installations

Trevi has an extensive fleet of pilot plants that can be deployed at short notice. These systems cover most of the techniques applied by Trevi at its treatment plants. A pilot installation is closely monitored so as to collect as much relevant data as possible, in as quick a timeframe as possible. Trevi also develops new pilot installations in response to specific problems and needs.

It is also possible to hire out our pilot plants for your own use. This can represent a huge cost benefit to you, as you don’t need to have the outlay required to equip your own lab up-front, and particularly if you’re not yet sure of the nature and flow rate of your waste water issues. We also have several on-site installations available for waste water treatment pilot tests.


  • buffer - grease trap - flotation

  • physicochemical waste water treatment

  • biological water treatment: BioGP, MBR

  • sand filter

  • disinfection

  • neutralization

  • ion exchange

Air: available pilot units

  • Dry scry-ubber

  • Chemical scrubber

  • Water scrubber

  • Ejector scrubber

  • Biofilter

  • Wet dust collector

  • Dispersion fan

  • Bubble reactor