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Trevi waste water consulting

Many organisations recognise that their water usage is not as efficient as it could be. However, addressing or improving water management can be complex and usually falls outside the remit of a company’s core area of expertise. This is where Trevi comes into its own. Able to successfully assess, identify and manage water-related issues across a broad range of industrial applications, we can deliver the kind of exceptional results that help companies to run more efficiently and in compliance with relevant legislation. And you’ll see that we have an impressive track record of past projects to prove it. Moreover, we work in partnership with your organisation, so it is less like outsourcing and more like bringing experts in to work with your team to achieve your goals.

Trevi’s clients’ concerns tend to fall into five broad areas:

Water auditing and surveys

During a water audit we will look at how your organisation uses water, generating accurate facts and figures to work with. This includes looking at both waste water volume and pollution load, if relevant, and will result in a water balance or pollutant mass balance. On this basis, source reduction measures to save water or to reduce the pollution are then planned and implemented. Any proposed optimisation measures will be in line with Best Available Techniques as per European guidelines.

Depending on the industry, this may include research into closed-loop systems or reusing water instead of simply discharging this valuable resource. Alternative water sources can also be investigated, e.g. surface water, rain water and/or effluent from the wastewater treatment plant.

Rain water regulation

When looking at rainwater, Trevi models average and peak storm-water flows by working out an accurate surface inventory. The next step is to then simulate pumping station, buffer tank and treatment equipment systems. Where there is excess rainwater, we suggest methods for buffering, reuse, infiltration and delayed discharge of non-polluted run-off. This essentially means that as much excess water is kept onsite as possible, rather than being released back into nature, thereby avoiding flooding and other related issues. For polluted run-off water we will propose and design appropriate treatment systems.

Environmental legislation

If an organisation is not compliant with all relevant legislation, Trevi will determine the next best steps. This includes a range of options such as negotiating feasible discharge limits on environmental permits, optimising technical processes and proposing technical improvements. Our team includes several Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) experts and will analyse a company’s impact on a given body of water. We will thus find an optimal balance between technical measures and discharge limits.

Auditing wastewater treatment plants

We optimise existing plants and troubleshoot plants that are not working properly. This can take the form of the optimisation of installations and/or operations.

We also evaluate the impact of new installations and production processes in manufacturing environments on the wastewater treatment plant. Designs can be audited before implementation to assess whether the dimensions of the wastewater treatment plant are still in line with the amount of water and the pollutant load and if the discharge limits are still feasible. It may also be necessary to review permits in accordance with legislation, which is another area of Trevi’s expertise.

Zero liquid discharge projects

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) means all wastewater is kept onsite and reused as a water source after treatment. Implementing ZLD involves working out the detailed mass balance and pollutant balance for the entire plant and determining the appropriate wastewater treatment steps to achieve the requisite water quality.

Our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) experts will draw up the necessary documentation and perform site visits with government officials to attain Flanders’ official ZLD status.

We’re here to help

These are just some of the ways in which Trevi is able to assist clients with their water management issues. If you have any queries about your own water management situation, do get in touch! Do also look at our past case studies to see some of the many ways in which we have helped companies to successfully manage their water issues.