2. Lab tests

2. Lab tests

Trevi has a well-equipped laboratory for analysis and lab-scale experiments to support its consultancy and development of new waste water treatment technologies.

  • Testing

    • COD, BOD, suspended solids

    • nitrogen parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, total nitrogen)

    • total Phosphorus

    • dry matter, VSS, etc.

    • and much more

  • Microscopic investigation of activated sludge

  • GC gas analysis

  • Several lab types and tests possible

    • jar-test or flocculator (physico-chemical treatment simulation)

    • Buchner-funnel test (standardised sludge dewatering capacity test)

    • Zahn-Wellens test (standardised biodegradability test)

    • toxicity testing

    • evaporation testing

    • respiration testing (standardised test to determine endogenous and exogeneous sludge activity)

    • determining activated sludge nitrification rates