Fine bubble aeration

Official dealer and manufacturer of MESSNER® fine bubble aeration panels since 1992

For the supply of oxygen at our sites, Trevi offers a unique fine bubble aeration system with multiple advantages:

  • high-efficiency aeration

    • very fine air bubbles ensure low energy consumption (3 to 6 kg O2/kWh)

    • correspondingly low CO2-emissions

  • high sludge concentrations

    • sufficient mixing capacity and oxygen supply at sludge concentrations up to 20 g/l thanks to the large surface of the aeration panels

    • this results in compact installations and low sludge production

  • environmental protection

    • no odour nuisance

    • no emission of aerosols

    • no noise nuisance

  • simple and fast to install

  • reliable

    • numerous existing applications in all sectors

    • for both sanitary and industrial waste waters

Trevi is Messner license holder for Benelux and France.

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