Organic and inorganic acids

The presence of organic acids (formic acid, acetic acid, acrylic acid, …) or inorganic acids (hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, bromic acid, nitric acid, boric acid, …) may require a suitable abatement technique to prevent odour complaints and/or to meet the local emission limits.

For the abatement of voluminous gas flows, Trevi has completed several projects based on the caustic scrubber or the water scrubber technique. For all these applications, the scrubber operation mode is crucial to minimise fresh water and/or caustic consumption. For the abatement of high gas flows loaded with low concentrations of organic acids, biological techniques, for example a biofilter, can also be used.

For the abatement of small gas flows loaded with inorganic acids, a dry scrubber with suitable inorganic sorbents such as Chemisorb S and/or Chemisorb P can be used. Scrubbing techniques with a liquid jet gas ejector scrubber, bubble reactor and gas jet liquid ejector scrubber are also an option.

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